Prove you are the best of the best with a saber in hand. Test your skills against your friends! Phoenix Saber Combat offers a supervised environment for safe competition. 

Participate in Open Combat with an opponent upon our padded arenas with a trained supervisor. Groups of 2-4 are welcome!

Or face off one-on-one in our "Spar Wars" Tournament with prizes on the line. Spar Wars Tournaments are point based elimination tournaments with trained referees. All skill levels welcome!  

All participants in any saber combat must use safety helmets and the padded sabers provided.

Spar Wars Tournament Rules:

  • Combatants must obey the Referee at all times.
  • Combatants must bow before engaging.
  • A strike to any part of the body (except the groin) awards a point.
  • A strike must make audible contact to award a point.
  • Stepping out of the ring three times awards your opponent a point.
  • Simultaneous hits yield no points.
  • Weapon drops and disarms require a follow-up hit to score a point.
  • Entering the arena without a safety helmet earns a warning. A second infraction earns a disqualification. 
  • First Combatant to three points wins the round

  • Master Alan Venable